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About the Show

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Rattled & Shook is a weekly discussion-based, horror-comedy podcast. Think of it as a variety show for all things creepy-adjacent and horror-lite. Join hosts Aprile and Meredith every week for new scary stories, horror-themed games, special guests, and more. The show harkens back to old radio programs of the past, with fun sound design and score. Each episode, Aprile and Meredith will immerse themselves in new scary stories and react in real-time. Featured stories include haunted houses, creepy encounters, and supernatural experiences. Tune in for an all-around good time.

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Meet the Ghosts

Aprile Ruha

Aprile Ruha

  • Born and raised in New York

  • Loves horror

  • Has seen 1000 horror movies

  • Biggest fears: Identity theft & failure

  • Current horror fave: Barbarian

Growing up equally frightened and fascinated by the horror genre, Aprile eventually accepted her calling as a full-fledged consumer and creator of horror content. Since graduating from NYU’s Tisch School, Aprile has worked as an editor on a variety of projects in independent film and reality television. She continues to merge her passion for spooky storytelling and sound design as a host of Rattled & Shook.

Meredith Stedman

Meredith Stedman

  • Born and raised in New Orleans
  • Scared of everything
  • Has seen 10 horror movies
  • Biggest fear: Sharks
  • Current horror fave: The Last of Us

Meredith has been a producer at Tenderfoot TV since 2017, leading projects such as Kim Kardashian’s The System. She is the lead writer on Radio Rental, scripting for Rainn Wilson’s character “Terry Carnation” (as well as Malachai the cat). She studied Film & English at Emory, and went on to receive an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. In third grade, Meredith lost track of her mom at Disney World on Halloween night, and she’s never fully recovered.


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